Monday, February 11, 2008

A parable and a truth

Its a known fact that poachers catch wild elephants while young, and then tie them up with iron chains to tame them . The baby elephant tries its best to free itself of the uncomfortable chains to get back its freedom ( they are meant to live in forests ) . However it finds the chains too strong for it . So it stops trying after a few days or weeks of continuous effort and submits to man .

The interesting part is, in a few years it gains in strength to become the largest mammal on land and also arguably the strongest known animal in terms of raw physical strength . It never tries to break the chains though . Coz its programmed its mind that it tried once and tried hard with no results..what it doesn't know probably is the fact that its is no more a baby elephant . What it doesn't factor-in, is that now ,the iron chains are replaced by lose ropes ( the mahout knows chains are not required for ever ) . The situation is further worsened coz the elephant is now in the comfort zone . It after all gets food everyday and it sees other elephants submitting to ropes and man . So its memory and taste of the the wild forest is gone . Its no more a master of the deep greens it was meant to be . Its tamed for a cause it doesn't fully understand. It lives the dream of its new master , and forgets its own.

Humanity started with lots of odds against it . We needed fear , we needed limits , we needed to be apprehensive else we would have perished in the ice age, we were a frail, out numbered race & fear allowed us to lie low during the initial start-up period ,to survive those great predators higher up in the food chain . We needed religion in the middle ages since our reason needed a guidance and our instruments were meager . We have always carried with us the excess baggage of fear , religion , blind belief in tradition and an acceptance of age old precepts as true without even questioning its relevance in the current new scenario. Few among us remember in our drifting consciousness that we are probably the first generation with a real chance to see what none has seen before , to physically go where no one has gone before . Lets face facts . We have grown in strength, reached planetary conciousness and have arrived at an acme point in history & whats happening now to this race have never happened before ( at least not in recorded history ) . Yet we are no different from the baby elephant which thinks its bound by iron chains . We also commit the mistake of giving up coz we tried before but with no result . Many movements of social change , wealth generation , upliftings of society have come and gone throughout human history . But none had succeeded comprehensively. We have a chance to succeed where all others in the past have failed.

Humanity deserves to be free of all the accumulated burden of the past which was required then and not now. We do not need fear . We now know that we can handle accidents and catastrophes better by remaining calm . We would have become extinct if we didn't have fear during the ape ages. We'd lose our relevance and might seriously become impaired and weak if we continue with the past baggage of paranoid fear and mistrust in our daily lives.

Its relatively easy to see , but difficult to deprogram our genetic code which has persisted these thousands of years . Thats a long shot . Just a mere fresh perspective of things is tough for us to realise . We pity the baby elephant . Who pities us ?

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